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Anna steps out the front door and towards the mailbox. “I love being able to go for walks outside again,” she smiles as she comes back with a package and several letters. Anna has stage III COPD, an obstructive lung disease where the airflow to the lungs is partially blocked. Anna experienced shortness of breath, and even the smallest activities were all but impossible. “I spent most of everyday on the couch,” says Anna, “I couldn’t even do simple things like laundry or dishes.” Her husband took over all the household chores. Then in February Anna was fitted with NIOV and her life changed.

Now, with NIOV, Anna can move around her house easily and has been able to go on short walks with her husband.

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Do you remember going up stairs without resting? Many people have used NIOV™ to improve their ability to be active.
NIOV is a light, palm-sized device that increases the amount you can breathe in and delivers a high mixture of oxygen and air. Feedback from users has been that NIOV makes breathing much easier with less work.

Product 101

NIOV can be set to 3 activity levels: resting (low), moderate activity (medium), and exercise (high). Since NIOV requires a pressure source to work, it needs an oxygen cylinder or other pressurized oxygen sources. NIOV may be run either while plugged in or while you’re on the go. Its rechargeable internal battery lasts approximately 4 hours.

NIOV device is connected to a pillows-style nasal interface. NIOV nasal interface covers just the nostrils, leaving the mouth unobstructed so that you can speak while device is in use. Your respiratory therapist will help you select the most comfortable nasal interface and set your activity levels when you are fitted with NIOV.


How can NIOV™ help you?

(ref 1)Clinical studies show that delivering a larger volume of mixed air and oxygen to your lungs with the proven technology of NIOV helps reduce shortness of breath and improves the carbon dioxide for oxygen gas exchange in your lungs. Making the lungs work more efficiently may reduce the effort of breathing and create a feeling of relief from this effort.

Individuals with respiratory insufficiency using NIOV increased their exercise tolerance. that NIOV helped them resume activities they thought were permanently out of their reach.


What You Get With Your
NIOV™ System

Product Features


  • belt clipNIOV BELT CLIP
  • battery chargerBATTERY CHARGER
  • ox hoseOXYGEN HOSE
  • ox regulator50-PSI OXYGEN REGULATOR
  • purge tubePURGE TUBE

NIOV Nasal Pillows interface
(sold separately from NIOV System)

Oxygen cylinder(not included with NIOV)


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